Google Stadia product manager leaves Google

It was reported that John Justice, who served as Product Manager, left Google after the Google Stadia development studios were shut down.

Google Stadia A senior member of the team left the company just months after Google shut down all internal Stadia development teams. John Justice was vice president and product manager for Stadia, but The InformationReports Justice is no longer with the company.

John Justice leaves Google Stadia

A Google spokesperson, 9to5Google’a “We can confirm that John is no longer on Google and we wish him success in his next step,” he said.

Justice’s departure comes after Google announced that it will shut down all internal Stadia game development teams as part of a major change it made in February. The company will continue on its way by partnering with third-party game companies on the platform.

Google Stadia product manager leaves Google

In previous statements, the company stated that this year it will refocus on offering its technology and platform tools to external partners. Stadia Managing Director Phil Harrison said, “We believe this is the best way to make Stadia a long-term, sustainable business that helps the industry grow.”

Anonymously Speaking to the VGC a verified by the sources. To the Kotaku report According to Google, Montreal and Los Angeles said Google Stadia development studios would be closed and their projects canceled.

Boss of Stadia’s development studios Jade Raymond – also the name behind Assassin’s Creed games – also left EA’s Motive studio. Now he founded Haven Entertainment Studios, a new independent studio supported by PlayStation. You can find more details on the subject from the link below.

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