Godzilla vs. Kong released new trailer

Godzilla vs. Kong’s new trailer has been released.

The fourth movie in the MonsterVerse universe, Godzilla vs. KongThe new trailer of ‘shown in China published. When we look at the published trailer, we see that there are new scenes compared to the previous trailers. Alongside epic cinematic scenes, one side will triumph from the fight in the film, where two gigantic titans will face each other. It was previously announced that the film will be released in China 5 days earlier. Of course, this will bring spoilers with it. Therefore, do not forget to take your precaution at the end of the month.

The highly anticipated new movie of the MonsterVerse universe will be available to HBO Max subscribers free of charge for one month. The film, which will be released in China on March 26, will be released on HBO Max the same day. In countries where HBO Max is not available, it will meet with the audience in movie theaters on the same date. In addition, as the Chinese government continues to control its internet policies, HBO has no plans to operate in the Chinese market at this time.

Godzilla vs.  Kong released new trailer

Godzilla vs. Kong to be released on March 26, 2021

Warner Bros. The gigantic King Kong and the invincible Godzilla face off in the movie from Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. The new trailer for China contains images that were not included in the previous trailer. In the minute-long video, the relationship between King Kong and a little girl and Kong’s instinct to protect her daughter stand out.

The film stars famous names such as Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Eiza Gonzalez, Brian Tyree Henry and Danai Gurira. Written by Max Borenstein, Terry Rossio and Eric Pearson, the film was directed by 2004. GodzillaMade in 2017 Kong: Skull Island and made in 2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters we know with his movies Adam Wingard undertakes. Godzilla vs. Kong will face two giant titans against each other in an epic battle.

Finally, you can take a look at the new trailer of the movie below.

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