Galakticos becomes Academy League champion

The 2021 Winter Season has ended in the Academy League. Galakticos Academy completed the season as a champion.

1907 Fenerbahçe Espor, 5 Ronin, Beşiktaş, Dark Passage, fastPay Wildcats, Galakticos, Galatasaray Esports, NASR eSports, Papara SuperMassive and Team AURORA Academy teams competed in the Academy League, the champion was determined. After defeating Team AURORA Academy in the final, Galakticos Academy reached the championship.

Academy League final Galakticos Academy with Team AURORA Akademi brought their teams against each other. Galakticos Academy finished the league stage in second place with 14 wins and 6 losses, and in the semi-final, Papara beat SuperMassive Academy 3-0 and got the final ticket. Team AURORA Academy, on the other hand, finished the league stage in the 4th place with 13 wins and 7 losses.

Galakticos becomes Academy League champion

LoLespor excitement will continue with VFŞL KMF

The final series that pitted Galakticos Academy vs Team AURORA Academy was played on March 28. GAL Academy was seen as the favorite of the final, especially due to its performance in the semi-finals. As of the first two matches, expectations were met. GAL Academy was able to take the lead 2-0 in the series, accompanied by Pr1me’s Aatrox performances in the top lane. While entering the third match, the AUR Academy decided to ban Pr1me’s Aatrox. The removal of the Aatrox threat made AUR Academy play more comfortable. With the Five-Fives received by Rhioni, the situation in the series came to 2-1. When we got into the fourth game, Pr1me went back to the Rift with Aatrox. GAL Academy has managed to keep the struggle under control from start to finish. Although AUR Academy hopes with the Baron strengthening that it stole in the middle of the fight, it was not possible to stop the GAL Academy. The team dropped Nexus once again and reached the championship by 3-1.

With the final series Academy League 2021 The Winter Season is over. LoLespor excitement Vodafone FreeZone Championship League It will continue with the Winter Season Finals. 17 April Saturday All of the matches that will take place on the Riot Games Esports Stage on the day of the week without spectators will be YouTube and Twitch In addition to the channels LoL Sports It can also be watched live at.

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