First details come from Project Lilith game

There are new details about the Project Lilith game, inspired by the Dark Souls series and bringing a unique mix of action and new mechanics to the genre!

An exciting AAA quality experience, Project Lilith, developed using Unreal Engine technology, is on the way!

PlayWay and Soro Games announced new action and adventure RPG games that uniquely combine fantasy and dark themes. Project Lilith plans to start its development life on Steam under the leadership of PlayWay.

Both PlayWay and Soro Games are known as two companies based in Poland. Dying Light, Frostpunk and Outriders, the “agenda” game of the last days, also came out of Poland, including The Witcher series, which is very popular with the players.

Project Lilith announcement trailer

“Within Project Lilith, players will travel through lands infested with demons and hell, reliving the story of pain and revenge.”

As far as we know, the character we will manage; To find someone who ruined his life and search for Lilith, he will destroy everything that stands in his way. In this way, the choice of the player will be the key because you will have weapons that you can create different combinations for each situation. This means different weapons for different enemies. It is obvious that it will require frequent practice.

First details come from Project Lilith game

Items will only get stronger as you progress. The action system, on the other hand, will allow you to create many combinations such as weapons. As you progress through the game and collect materials, you will be able to purchase gear and craft legendary items.

Weapons are not enough to take down the enemies in the game. Players will be able to turn their “anger” into a force and cast various spells. This “rage” pool is a non-persistent and exhaustible system that should be used wisely.

The theme, crafted by PlayWay and Soro Games, is heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series and seems to bring a unique mix of action and new mechanics to the genre. It seems to have the potential to give many games an intense and dark return, as it resembles a few of the game series that have taken permanent places in the history of the game.

First details come from Project Lilith game

Although the Project Lilith game currently does not have a release date in the link Steam store page is active. You can add it to your wish list on Steam to keep up to date with the latest developments about the game and to buy it when the game is released.

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