Final Fantasy performance from Monster Notebook orchestra

Monster Notebook soundtrack orchestra performed “To Zanarkand”, one of the unforgettable pieces of Final fantasy X.

Monster Notebook game music orchestra has been coming up with different works for a long time and they are performing our favorite pieces from the game world.

This time, the orchestra is one of the unforgettable pieces of the Final Fantasy series, one of the most important series in the game world. gave life.

The team, which interprets the “To Zanarkand” theme, one of the popular pieces of Final Fantasy X, which focuses on the story of Tidus and Yuna, for its followers, has done a successful job in this regard. As a Final Fantasy fan, I must say that I especially like the outline of this piece, which we often listen to piano versions, with the guitar. You can take a look at this prepared work and the names signed in this piece below.

Monster Notebook Soundtrack Orchestra – Final Fantasy X Theme

Monster Notebook Soundtrack Orchestra; To Zanarkand Theme version of Final Fantasy X, which has a place in the memories with its world, characters and story, has been commented for you.

1. Violin: Seden Canalp, Asude Ata, Ishak Dursun
2.Keman: Buse Efsen, Ronahi Dölek, Obrahim Orazov
Viola: Cem Gülgel, Özlem Sevindik, Selim Kurtuluş
Cello: Emre Özer, Kerem Sevüktekin, Fırat Semercioğlu
Flute: Kubilay Taşcılar
Clarinet: Talya Kolcuoğlu
Horn: Okan Akbaş
Guitar: Davut Özdemir
Bass Guitar: Oğulcan Akça
Zil: Kaan Yol
Percussion: Levent Çelik

Arrangement: Umut Sulubacak
Video: Benan Kanber
Voice: Deniz Cem Demir
Art Director: Deniz Cem Demir

Final Fantasy performance from Monster Notebook orchestra

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