Fantasian released exclusively for Apple Arcade

Final Fantasy’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s highly anticipated RPG game Fantasian has been released on Apple Arcade, which is Apple’s game subscription system.

Final Fantasy’s creator Hironobu SakaguchiFantasian, the highly anticipated RPG game, released in Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription system.

Fantasian is now available in Apple Arcade

Fantasian, developed by Mistwalker, is a game exclusive to Apple Arcade, Apple’s new subscription system. Since Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Lost Odyssey game released for Xbox 360 in 2007 first time We see it reverting to a traditional RPG game. Also Fantasian; Includes a new soundtrack by Final Fantasy’s composer, Nobuo Uematsu.


Players will take on the role of Leo who awakens after a massive explosion in a strange universe ruled by machines. While going on a long journey; They will solve the mysteries that are causing humanity to slowly lose everything it knows. The engaging story was written by Hironobu Sakaguchi and completed with the famous Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. It is emphasized to have unique models, music and sound effects to offer an immersive experience.

Fantasian settings are all real-life dioramas created by Japanese artists working on “Tokusatsu” (special effects) movies, including Godzilla, Attack on Titan, and Ultraman. Diorama; It can be defined as three-dimensional modeling of a real or fictional event, moment or story with the help of light games.

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