Exomecha release date has been announced

The release date of Exomecha, one of the most exciting domestic productions this year, was announced with a trailer shown during the ID @ Xbox presentation.

Exomecha, a local production that will appear in the new generation, is almost showing off with its gameplay trailer. As we watch it say a little Halo, a little Crysis, the trailer, where new things appear, looks simply delicious. Developed by TwistedRed and announced for Xbox Series X / S, PC and Xbox One Exomecha release date it became clear. The game will be released this summer.

Exomecha release date has been announced, here is the new trailer

For the first time, a new gameplay trailer has been released for the game, which was introduced in a presentation where the next generation games for Xbox were introduced and excited us. The Exomecha release date, which will appear in the FPS genre, was also announced with this trailer. The production we’ve been waiting for with enthusiasm In August 2021 will be released. So in a few months we will have the chance to play the great looking Exomecha. Here is the exquisite gameplay trailer released for the game!

The game, where you will enjoy the Halo and Crysis series while watching, suddenly breaks in the middle. Huge titans come into play and the event is taken to a completely different dimension. In addition to the basic mechanics of first person shooter games, we will be able to use a helicopter, tank and a vehicle with a machine gun behind it in ExoMecha. We also have the option of approaching our enemies from behind and secretly assassinating them. However, it is also possible to fight the giant titans in the game, although we still don’t know much about it. Some of them continue medieval traditions and fight with swords & shields, while others spew fire from their mouths in the form of a dragon. This variety in the trailer is quite striking.

ExoMecha release date has been announced

You can also see the war being carried under water. The game, which includes dash mechanics to the right or left with its fast structure, also preserves these mechanics in underwater battles. With its graphics, it both scares and “If it really is like this, it cannot be beaten!” makes you say. ExoMecha release date is shown as August 2021. With the new trailer shown in the ID @ Xbox presentation made by Xbox for independent games, the excitement has increased even more. What do you think about this game? Do not forget to state your views in the comments section at the bottom.

Click here to sign up for the ExoMecha open beta.

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