Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer

Epic Games turns into the popular multiplayer game hunter. Fall Guys aims to expand its scope by including developer Tonic Games.

With an announcement made today by Epic Games Fall Guys announced that its developer, Tonic Games Group, has also acquired. Epic, drawing the image of a huge monster that progresses by incorporating all multiplayer games that have become very popular and very popular, also promises a bright future for all these games. We’ve seen an example of it before in Rocket League.

Epic Games recruited the developer of Fall Guys

What he did on the Epic Games website in official announcement “We are excited to announce that Tonic Games Group has joined the Epic Games family. Tonic Games is the development company behind the much-loved Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.” Previously, Rocket League developer had managed to increase the number of instantaneous players of the game several times by adding Piyonix. Now it looks like it’s time for Fall Guys. Epic’s move to incorporate smaller companies seems to continue to reflect positively on the Epic Games Store.

Tonic Games co-founder and CEO Dave Bailey also made a statement about their acquisition of Epic. “Often ‘at Tonic Games Groupeveryone deserves a game that feels like it was made for them‘we say. With Epic, we feel like we’ve found a home made for us. They share our mission to develop and support games that have a positive impact, empower others and challenge the times, and we couldn’t be more excited to join forces with their teams! “

Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer

Players who currently play Fall Guys do not have to worry about it for now. No major change in the style or structure of the game seems to be on the horizon. Epic Games says it wants to bring the game to more platforms and appeal to a larger audience in the upcoming period. Currently published on PC and PlayStation platforms, the game will soon be released on Nintendo Switch and It will also be released on Xbox. A blog page has already been prepared for those who have any questions about the game, but the page is currently unavailable due to some problems. Do you think that the incorporation of companies that develop multiplayer games by Epic Games will harm the industry in the long run? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section.

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