Emilia Clarke joins the cast of TV series Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke, who took part in important projects other than Daenerys character in Game of Thrones, joined the cast of Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke is about to join the cast of Secret Invasion. According to reports, the famous actor is in talks for Marvel’s new series, and it has been reported that these talks are now approaching the end. Emilia Clarke, who played the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones series, one of the most talked about series of the last 10 years, also appeared in important films such as Terminator Genisys, Han Solo and Me Before You. he showed up. Emilia Clarke will thus join the players who transferred from the Game of Thrones world to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the official announcement.

Emilia Clarke to appear in TV series Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke joins the cast of TV series Secret Invasion

What will the series Secret Invasion tell?

We came across with the comic book series between 2008 and 2009 The Secret InvasionHas managed to become one of Marvel’s biggest events. This story, which received positive feedback from the readers, will be one of the important rings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new series to be published on the Disney + service.

In the general story of Secret Invasion, as the name suggests, a great invasion story was told. In this series, the Skrull race, known for its shapeshifting properties, was sneaking into many super-powerful organizations around the world. Their aim, of course, was to turn this process, which they started secretly, into a great invasion. The shapeshifting feature of this race was combined with the narrative in the comic book, and there were stories in which a great predicament was told. We encountered a story line where heroes were enemies to each other and different coalitions were formed.

As explained earlier in the series, we will watch the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson once again as Nick Fury and he will be at the center of a story for the first time. It was announced that Ben Mendelsohn, who gave life to Talos, will also take part in the series. Kingsley Ben-Adir, who previously appeared in productions such as King Arthur, Peaky Blinders and The OA, will give life to a villain in the film. The series, which will take place in MCU Phase 4 and will probably extend to 2023, is planned to continue for 6 episodes. It is not yet clear which character Emilia Clarke gave life to.

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