EA says Codemasters will protect its identity

EA Codemasters says that following its acquisition, the studio will retain its original identity and will not become “an EA studio”.

As you know EA bought Codemasters for $ 1.2 billion in February and then To MCV He said he wanted the UK-based racing game developer to maintain his unique identity. Today, we can say that this situation is debatable by looking at the outputs, but CEO Andrew Wilson confirms this request with a new statement.

EA says he doesn’t want it to be an EA studio for Codemasters

CEO of the company Andrew WilsonHe says EA will deal with Codemasters in a similar way, like Respawn Entertainment, which it acquired in 2017.

“Similar to Respawn, our orientation is not to go in and take over Codemasters or turn the studio into another EA studio; our orientation is around providing opportunity,” said Wilson.

“This industry is all about amazing, creative talent. And we see little plus in the inculcation of this incredible creative talent. But we want to give them access to what we have achieved through our position in the industry.”

Wilson said EA has a “great closet” filled with leading IP, technology, marketing power and a huge network of players who are given full access to Codemasters. “And the way we think about it – and the way we also work with Respawn – is about giving Codemasters the key to the locker and they can come out of that locker and get what they need, but they should stay as they are because that’s what makes them special,” said CEO Wilson.

EA says Codemasters will protect its identity

While EA is making these statements, the new game of the F1 series F1 2021 “Influenced by EA Codemasters” has already taken its place on shelves. In addition, some images circulating on social media bring information that micro-transactions are densely found in the new F1 game, and it is not pleasant to hear them. The unease that came about when Codemasters, developer of major racing game series like F1 and Dirt, was acquired by EA seems to be a justified concern. Still, Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier acknowledged that the EA Codemasters acquisition offered them many new opportunities.

“EA brings a lot of wealth in terms of services with sales and marketing, live service expertise, state-of-the-art analytics platform, EA Play. We were able to access every single opportunity. I’m not saying we will take every opportunity, and that’s what’s great. EA offers all the services but if it’s not for us. This is why I am very confident about how much it will bring to EA Codemasters and I hope they think so too. Because they are listening to us and we are listening to them. “

Also, Codemasters CEO Sagnier was surprised that the studio was so easily integrated into the interior after the acquisition, but players seem more surprised at the price of F1 2021.

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