EA Games decided not to get involved in the production of games like Dragon Age 4

EA Games has decided not to interfere with the production process of games developed, especially Dragon Age 4.

EA Games There was a very interesting development on the side and equally pleasing for the players. At the top of the firm Dragon Age 4 It was stated that important games under construction will not interfere with the development process. So what does this news mean?

Dragon Age 4 will be a story driven game?

As you know in the game industry, we have started to see the term “game as service” frequently recently. Although games such as Destiny are successful in this regard, there are also quite unsuccessful examples such as Anthem and Marvel’s Avengers. Production teams, which release their games in this way as a result of the imposition of the companies, can express their discomfort about this issue from time to time. It has been reported that after all these events and the cancellation of the Anthem Next project, EA Games will change the functioning of the game studios.

EA Games decided not to get involved in the production of games like Dragon Age 4

It was previously announced that games like Dragon Age 4 will also include a multiplayer mode and have “game as service” dynamics, just like the games we just mentioned. Request EA Gamesand that Dragon Age 4 will only contain a single player story. specified.

Moreover, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game played a big part in EA Games’ decision. Despite low expectations, the fact that this game reached a good sales figure and the feedback it received from the players paved the way for these changes on the EA Games side.

After this decision, it has been reported that EA Games will not hesitate and release companies under its roof, especially Bioware and Respawn Entertainment. Anthem was previously designed as a single player RPG game, but it has evolved in a very different direction as a result of pressure from the EA Games management. Obviously, we need to state that we are even more curious about the games to be made after this decision.

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