EA employees were selling underhanded FIFA FUT cards

After it was revealed that some EA Sports employees were selling underhanded FIFA FUT cards, the company announced that it started an investigation.

Yesterday, a very interesting development took place, and some FIFA players were knocked over by EA Sports employees. FIFA FUT (FIFA Ultimate Teamclaimed that they sold their cards. The number of these players increased after some messages appeared. With the successive statements and allegations, it has been revealed that there is actually a big black market in this regard. so much so that it has even been claimed to affect the momentum in the game. After all these allegations EA Games made a statement and announced that an investigation was initiated on the issue.

EA Sports employees dropped their FUT cards on the black market

FUT As you know, with the arrival of the mode, FIFA players have been spending hours on this mode for years. There is also a system where you try to find players with good scores or different versions of these players, such as Gold, along with the cards you will open. When the transfer features are also involved, you create your squad in this way and start to fight against other players. This mode of the game has occasionally come up with allegations of gambling and has also been the subject of some lawsuits.

The latest development has shaken the reliability of the company in this regard. Because when we look at the messages that emerge, it is also claimed that the card packs that are claimed to be sold by EA employees are moments versions in the game.

Scandal: EA employees were selling FIFA FUT cards under hand

So players who buy these card packs underhand, FUT In the mode, they see which players they get, as well as have these players who are prepared in accordance with the momentum. It has been determined that the cards, which are rarely accessible, fall into the black market and are sold in this way. in case. When we look at the spoken and offered prices when we say football player cards and icons, we see fees that go up to 250, 600, 750 or even 1000 Euros.

Of course, EA Games has made a comprehensive investigation after these messages and allegations. announced. In the company’s social media accounts, “A thorough investigation is being conducted and if an inappropriate behavior is detected, we will take action directly. We want to be clear about this. Such behavior is absolutely unacceptable and we will not tolerate any alleged events here.”

Obviously all the emerging claims and the momentum debate going on for years FIFA FUT It looks like he’ll make his mood pretty hard. We will follow the developments.

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