Don’t forget to grab the action-packed Steam free game

It is not a good thing, but Steam occasionally distributes free games. We are on such a day again. You can find the game and its details in our news.

Steel Rats Steam is among the free games, set in times when America was under siege of giant robots and where you started resistance with a biker gang. Who needs a gun, right? Continue the war with your engines! If you add the game to your library for free, you will be able to download and play unless the meteors expected to hit the world.

Steam free game: Steel Rats

Of course, keep in mind that Steel Rats is among the Steam free games for a short time. If you do not add the game to your library until April 4, 2021, it will continue to be sold at the full price of 32.00 TL. As of now, it is 100 percent discounted. You better hurry. Since the stocks are limited, if the interest increases too much, the campaign can be terminated earlier. At the same time, the single paid DLC of the game is sold at a price of 2.10 TL with 80 percent discount.

Don't forget to grab the action-packed Steam free game

It looks like it promises a nostalgic action experience with its retro texture. Looking at the reviews, the overall situation of the game, with a total of 59 percent positive reviews, is “mixed”. However, as long as it’s free, I don’t think this will matter that much. After all, it’s free to try! If you are interested in this type of game, you can give it a shot. In most of the Turkish reviews, you can see “The best 3 lira I have spent” style of praise.

To go to the Steel Rats store page you can click here.

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