Destiny developer is working on a new project

The Bungie firm has posted a job advertisement for a new “series” that is thought to be similar to the Destiny 2 project. Details are in our news.

A subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios between 2000-2007; Bellevue, Washington, USA-based Bungie focusing on competitive PvP continues to work for a “new series”. So much so that, according to a new job posting, Bungie firm’s new and unannounced series work offers Competitive PvP – multiplayer with e-sports environment and mechanics that “provide strategic depth and opportunities for mutual play”.

The advertisement published as “Multiplayer System Designer” by Bungie company: “You will work with a team to prototype different game ideas on the road to production. Most importantly, a fun, dedicated and passionate interdisciplinary dedicated to transforming a creative dream into a new series in Bungie. You will work with the team, “it is said. In the continuation of the job posting, the relevant team / department is defined as “a mission-oriented team with various backgrounds, experiences, interests and perspectives”. To reach the relevant job posting link you can visit.

Destiny developer is working on a new project

Job posting details of the project that is likely to be similar to Destiny 2

The project, which is thought to be “likely” to be similar to the Destiny 2 project, which was first released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms in 2017, are as follows:

  • Strong familiarity with global gaming markets and competitive gaming / e-sports environment
  • Be able to design competitive multiplayer game mechanics
  • To be able to contribute to the creative vision of the game
  • Good level of Unreal Engine and / or Unity skills

Seeing the new target of Bungie company, which has developed two big series such as Halo and Destiny in the last 20 years, you will appreciate that it will be “interesting” in one word. It’s important to remember that the goal of a new series will probably take quite some time: In 2019, Pete Parsons, Bungie CEO since January 2016, said Bungie “hoped” to do so. They want to have “other series / series” in the market by 2025 besides Halo and Destiny.

Due to the uncertainty and rapidly changing conditions caused by Covid-19, Bungie firm also wants most positions to work from home for a significant part of 2021. This situation is planned to continue from home part-time in 2022. This flexible and remote working policy is of course subject to change at the company’s discretion.

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