Deathloop release date delayed

The release date of Deathloop, the new FPS game developed by Arkane Studios and which looks interesting, has been postponed. The game will be released towards the Autumn months of this year.

The Deathloop release date, developed by Arkane, the developer of popular series such as Dishonored, has been postponed. Bethesda said in an official announcement today that a new release date has been set for the game. Stating that they cannot ignore the safety of the rest of the team, referring to COVID-19, the team says it also takes time to ensure the quality of the game. Apparently, we’ll have to wait until the Autumn months for Arkane’s new FPS game.

Deathloop release date postponed to September

By Bethesda and Arkane as announced today Deathloop release date was announced as September 14, 2021. Bethesda gave the following explanations in the image she published:

“We have decided to delay Deathloop’s release until September 14, 2021.

It is our duty to take care of the health and safety of everyone in Arkane studios, as well as not compromising the quality of DEATHLOOP and the goals set by our team. We aim to create an entertaining, stylish and mind-blowing gamer experience by using the extra time we have. “

Deathloop release date delayed

The game, which was announced to be released on May 21, 2021 for the first time, has recently become a little quiet. As such, the players actually expected this kind of postponement news. The expected news for the Deathloop release date has unfortunately arrived, the game will be released on September 14, 2021.

Arkane said in his statement, “We apologize for extending your waiting period, and thank you all for being passionately attached to the game and watching the path of the game with enthusiasm.” You can also see the posted video just below.

About Deathloop

Deathloop is an FPS game developed by Arkane Studios. The studio’s new game, which has gained the trust of the players in FPS and privacy mechanics from the series like Dishonored, is again eagerly awaited by the fans. The production, which includes the rogue-like elements we are used to from Hades, takes place in just one day. Yes, the present day will wrap around in an endless cycle until we kill the eight main enemies.

Enemies will be reborn, while the weapons and abilities we earn every day will stay with us. In this way, it will be a journey where we need to improve ourselves while turning the game into a struggle. You can also see the released trailers from our related links right below. Do not forget to mention your opinions in the comments section just below.

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