Days Gone developer reproached the players

Days Gone team leader John Garvin reproached the players, saying, “If you haven’t bought the game for its full price, don’t expect the sequel.”

Days GoneInstead of buying games as part of services like PlayStation Plus, gamers should buy games at full price if they like it, says John Garvin, creative director and author of the company. The game designer who participated in David Jaffe’s YouTube show answered questions about the current state of the game.

My reproach from the Days Gone team leader to the players

John Garvin, On Jaffe’s YouTube show your game on PS5 PlayStation Plus CollectionHe answered the question about whether there has been a significant increase in interaction for Days Gone since he was added to:

“I have an idea of ​​something that might be of interest to your audience, and that might upset some of them. If you love a game, buy it for the full price. I’ve seen players say ‘yes, I got this on sale, bought it on PS Plus, whatever’.”

“But how do you know you love a game until you play?” Jaffe asked Garvin on this reproach. asked his question.

“You can’t understand, but don’t complain if a sequel to an unsupported game isn’t coming at the time of launch,” Garvin said. “God of War received millions of sales at launch and you know that Days Gone didn’t get it. I’m speaking for myself as a developer, I don’t work for Sony, I don’t know what the numbers are,” he said.

Days Gone developer reproached the players

“I can say you guys were badly damaged in the Dark Mirror (PSP game) (this part was changed because it contained profanity) because it had a pirate status. Sony didn’t really understand how pirated games affect sales. Mirror had 200,000 copies. I may have misunderstood the numbers, but no matter what, I was very angry at that time. I felt like I had money out of my pocket. “

“So I don’t think the increase in interactivity of the game is as important as did you buy the game at full price? Because if you did, it means you’re directly supporting the developers.”

In the rest of the four-hour interview, Garvin answered questions about whether he was fired by Sony. He made a self-criticism, emphasizing that his departure from the company was about his personality, not his performance, by making sentences like “I’m not a great person anyway and they haven’t tried it, I have trained several times. Admitting that he was fired from Days Gone developer studio Bend, Garvin also touched on different issues during this interview. You can also read the claims about Sony Santa Monica from the link below.

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