Days Gone 2 petition attracted a lot of attention

The signature campaign initiated by the fans for Days Gone 2 attracted a lot of attention and 50 thousand people said “You cannot unplug this game”.

Days Gone 2 As you know, it was rejected by Sony, as we have reported recently. According to reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment has rejected developer Bend studio’s plans for the sequel and employs them to partially assist the major studios. After this news came out A petition on The fans who started it have collected 53,725 signatures so far for the sequel to come.

Big leap from fans for Days Gone 2

While the petition initiated continued successfully, the following statements were made in his statement:

“There are millions of people asking Sony PlayStation to endorse Days Gone 2. They can’t unplug a story that ends so open-ended.”

Of course, we can say that this signature campaign will have a low impact on Sony’s plans for Bend. Nevertheless, Days Gone’s original director, Jeff Ross, thanked fans for their support Monday, saying that this signing campaign meant a lot to the team behind the game. Via Twitter In his statement, he included the following sentences:

“Thanks to everyone who raised the Days Gone signature campaign to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I want you to know how important your love is to me and the members of the team. Days Gone fans are the best fans!”

Days Gone 2 petition attracted a lot of attention

Jeff Ross and John Garvin, who made the announcement, left Bend last year. Both spoke about their departure and Bloomberg’s report on Days Gone 2 this month in interviews with God of War’s developer David Jaffe. Ross confirmed that he worked for Days Gone 2 at one point, but did not confirm whether it was canceled due to a confidentiality agreement with his former employer.

However, he revealed some details about his ongoing negotiations, including plans for an important online mode, and strongly suggested that the sales of the first game might not be strong enough to convince Sony to give the green light. As you know, in a news we made yesterday, John Garvin had a system in this direction for the players. He said, “If you haven’t bought a game for its full price, don’t expect a sequel.” You can reach our related news right below.

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