Concrete Genie team develops PS5 game

Finally, PixelOpus studio, which signed the Concrete Genie game for PS4, announced that they are developing a game for PS5.

Concrete Genie It was released specifically for Playstation 4 and managed to garner praise for its gameplay dynamics as well as its different theme. There were great deficiencies in the game, but we can say that the team moved away from the classical lines, especially with different dynamics such as the realization of the drawings we made. Finally, it turned out that PixelOpus studio, which came up with Concrete Genie, is working on a new game and this game was developed for PS5.

PixelOpus started searching for staff for PS5 game

A message was published on the company’s social media accounts that they started recruiting. In this message, it was also stated that the studio’s new game was developed for the PS5 console. In the published message; “#PixelOpus is looking for staff! We’re working hard on an exciting new PlayStation 5 game and it continues to grow. Come and join us in this unique project within #PlayStationStudios!” to their statements has been placed.

Concrete Genie team develops PS5 game

When we look at the details in the job posting, we see that the company uses the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine in this project.

On the other hand, it was announced that Playstation Studios are working on 25 games and half of these games are new IPs. We can probably say that the new game developed by PixelOpus is also among these productions.

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