Compared Forbidden West with real venues

With Horizon: Forbidden West, we’re going to the west coast of America this time. So what do the places in the game look like in reality?

Horizon: Forbidden West appeared again at the State of Play event last week. With a long gameplay video, we saw how beautiful the graphics were, and many question marks in our minds in terms of gameplay dynamics were removed. We also learned that new elements have been added to the gameplay, especially with climbing to high points and underwater dynamics. So, how do the regions of Horizon: Forbidden West, which seems quite ambitious in terms of atmosphere, actually look and where are they located on the map?

Horizon: Forbidden West compared real venues

First of all, a place in the game is directly compared to its real life. If you’ve ever played games like Watch Dogs 2 or Driver set in San Francisco, you know how iconic this road is. In the game, it is clearly depicted how this place succumbs to nature along with the rest of the world. named Lombard Street this way You can check out how it looks in the game below.

Horizon: Forbidden West compared real venues

Apart from this comparison Horizon: Forbidden West Before the presentation started, the Playstation team shared a long standby screen showing the ambiance and different locations in the game. Based on the rotating landscape images on this screen, the fans of the game have determined which regions Horizon: Forbidden West will actually take place. You can take a look at the names of the currently known regions of the game and which regions they correspond to on today’s map.

Horizon: Forbidden West compared real venues

  • Sheerside Mountains
  • Salt Bite
  • Dry Yearn
  • High Turning
  • Scalding Spear
  • Barren Light
  • Valley of the Fallen
  • The RainTrace
  • Tide’s Reach

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