Cheap gaming chair buying guide

Getting a gaming chair requires good research. You must have decided whether to buy a cheap gaming chair or an advanced level from shopping.

If you cannot disconnect from games and spend most of your day at the computer, your environment must be comfortable. The gaming chair has become one of the indispensable items for most of us. For this reason, in this article, we will offer you a cheap gaming chair or an advanced gaming chair. We’ll look at what features you should consider when choosing. Of course, some of you can also use the chair in the kitchen as a gaming chair. Nevertheless, it is useful to read our article to see what you have missed or what you have waived.

Choosing a Gaming Chair

First of all, it is useful to know that you need to know your style of play and make a choice accordingly. Because the needs of the PubG player and the comfort needs of the FIFA player are completely different. After all, the more comfortable you feel, the more you can concentrate on the game. It is also useful to look at it in terms of health. You will also take a precaution against conditions such as Scoliosis or Pulmonary Embolism. For this reason, when determining your seat, it is very important for what purpose you aim to buy it. There is a page in your search for “cheap gaming chair” if you are going to buy it only for back comfort, or if you want complete freedom.

By getting a good gaming chair, it will not be possible to feel yourself on a throne. But it should not be forgotten that you need to make a good investment in order to have the seat that is perfect for your gamer personality. There are also cheap gaming chairs on the market that are made for different types of gamers.

Cheap gaming chair buying guide

What is a Gaming Chair?

Any office chair that you can sit comfortably in will work well for gaming. In today’s world, there is a big difference between a chair you can play in and a gaming chair. Player chairs have created a unique space and generally share the following features:

  • Racing style bucket seat
  • Multicolor design with logo
  • Full back recline
  • Basic mechanism
  • Limited adjustability compared to office chairs
  • Short guarantee

We think that the most important problem with gaming chairs is customer-related. It is not uncommon for customers to have unrealistic expectations for the prices they pay for the product they buy, but this seems to be a common problem, especially with gaming chairs.

Customers often expect a lot from a gaming chair for the price they pay. Usually they think that by paying 2000-2500 TL for a gaming chair, they will get one of the best quality chairs. In practice I would say that this is absolutely wrong. Office chairs will offer the same solution at a lower cost at this point.

Determine which platform you will be playing on

PC Gaming Chairs

These are similar to office chairs as you can see the similarity in their structure. PC gaming chairs are made with double the comfort of other armchairs, with various additions such as extra cushion layers, more adjustment options, and built-in speakers.

Rocket Gaming Chairs

These types of products produced for console gamers do not fall into the category of cheap gaming chairs. It has no legs or wheels, so you almost feel like you’re sitting on the ground. These types of seats have some kind of pockets to store your controllers. However, due to their build, they are not ideal for PC games. If you are going to buy this type of seat, you should also consider which console it fits. They are diverse in themselves.

Rocket Gaming Chair

Standing Gaming Chairs: Hybrid Seats

These products, also called hybrid seats, are hybrid versions of PC and console gaming chairs. The most advanced type of hybrid are those that currently come with other mechanisms for gaming, such as monitors, speakers, and a steering wheel. However, they are somewhat outside the buying range due to their price level.

Therefore, before taking a look at the gaming chairs, determine whether you are more of a PC, console gamer, or both. If you’re both of you, having two separate chairs is ideal for these setups.

Gaming chairs with armrests to win

You do not want your arms to be stretched during this process, as you will spend a lot of time at the points you get stuck in the game. This may cause you to interrupt your gaming pleasure to relax. Armrests are essential to rest and lose momentum. Since the armrests will provide the necessary support for your elbows during the game, you can continue for a longer period of time without the need for aesthetics of your arms. The longer your elbows stay in the same position, the more tense you will feel.

cheap gaming chair armrest

Not only that, but it can also cause shoulder and neck pain. In addition, if you choose gaming chairs with adjustable armrests, you can position your elbows or arms at an angle that will not obstruct your game.

Determine what kind of chair you actually prefer

If your gaming chair doesn’t provide that soft, comfortable feeling when you recline, it doesn’t deserve to be taken anyway. Since you will sit for a long time, you want your back to always feel comfortable. A gaming chair with a back or lumbar support reduces strain on your lower back and even provides good posture by supporting the curvature of your back. Like the armrest, a gaming chair with adjustable back support will help you adjust the angle to be as low or as high as you want.

Consider the built-in features of your preferred gaming chair

You want to feel your best while gaming, and your seat should offer that. No player has time to worry about back pains or loss of voice that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the screams of your enemies in the game. So when choosing a gaming chair to complement your gaming setup, check out its additional benefits. In addition to the adjustable armrest, “Is there also an extending footrest?” you also have to ask.

Built-in speakers or built-in headrest speakers will also increase your enjoyment. In addition, the presence of headphone outputs on the seat is important for your freedom of movement.

Seat Control Panel

Some seats also have motion sensors. Imagine the attacks when shooting with a machine gun. The joy you will get will make you feel in the war. You will be caught in so much that you will most likely lie down on the seat to hide it.

Attachments and material used in the chair

The subject we are talking about here is not only a textile or fabric covered wool seat, but also the materials used for the base and other parts. Whether the seat is covered with textile or fabric depends on your preference. Leather chairs are known for their durability and spill-proof touch. Fabric chairs are known to focus more on comfort and quality. Its materials are more suitable for ventilation and prevent sweat build-up, but may cause skin irritation.

Player Chair Fabric Types

  • to
  • PU Deri
  • PVC
  • Fabric
  • Knitting

Seat Fabric Types

The legs and wheels of the chair are a matter for you to consider. Whether it can support your weight is the most important detail. When choosing a gaming chair, whether online or in store, it’s imperative to consider the weight it can support. A broken wheel in the best part of the game can ruin all your enjoyment.

Stylish enough to fit your game setup

Let’s say you spent money on your game setup to have a stylish yet powerful system. As a final touch, your gaming chair should match the theme of your system or gaming preferences, i.e. modern black, pink undershirts, or something that matches your sporty theme. There are a number of gaming chair options available right now, so you’ll have enough freedom of choice.

Cheap gaming chair or expensive?

As we mentioned above, chairs are divided into types. When choosing someone, it is especially important to wait from him / her. If you only have a desire for seating comfort, you can choose a cheap gaming chair. However, it should not be forgotten that when buying a cheap gaming chair, you should focus on other features as much as possible. Nobody wants to spend money in vain. The side features that may come with the product increase your attachment to your seat and the pleasure you get from it.

Player seats you can choose

Even if you have brand preferences, count among the products we wanted brands in Turkey. You can choose a xDrive seat or a Rampage seat. However, you should also consider brands such as XFLY, MSI or Hawk.

Rampage Gaming Chair

The Rampage gaming chair generally looks like an office chair. Generally, there are products that are in the cheap gaming chair class. Homeland or All Here It can be purchased from online shopping sites such as. There is a price scale between 1.400 TL and 3.300 TL. Of course, you can find a cheaper Rampage seat in different sites and stores on the market.

Rampage Gaming Chair

xDrive Gaming Chair

The xDrive gaming chair is similar to the other cheap gaming chair Rampage, which is generally used in office products. Although I do not find the design of their products very successful, they are among the preferred ones. From xDrive’s own site or it can be purchased from virtual markets. Currently, there is a price scale between 1,400 TL and 3,000 TL with discounted prices. Also, who will compete in the tournament organized by FIFA and UEFA’s doing the sponsorship of Turkey eMill Teams.

xDrive Gaming Chair

XFLY Gaming Chair

Although XFLY seats are not known as much as other brands, they have a product range that can be an alternative for those looking for cheap gaming chairs. Because, during our research, we found the most affordable gaming seats at XFLY. Products starting at 450 TL level go up to 1.100 TL. However, there is probably no cheap gaming chair left in stock because it is in high demand. Even so It is useful to follow. It can be taken when it is in stock.

XFLY Gaming Chair

Does it make sense to buy a cheap 2nd hand gaming chair?

Although these products are not very delicate, we recommend that you do not buy them without seeing them. After all, because I will buy a cheap gaming chair, broken or worn out products reduce your gaming pleasure rather than increase it. Just thinking about how the creaking sound of the seat will distract you at the most exciting point of the game tells us what we mean. Also, buying a second-hand cheap gaming chair does not make much sense if the price is not affordable.

Conclusion: Should I buy a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs can be a bit expensive, but the comfort, durability, and additional vibrations it can bring to your setup are great value for money. In short, they are not your ordinary back supporters. They are built to provide the most comfortable and immersive experience a player can have while performing their battle on screen. Of course, the more comfortable and cooler the gamer chair, the more expensive it can be.

Not all expensive gaming chairs are guaranteed to be the best on the market, but we’re talking game setup here. And we know that a good setup usually comes at a good price. When you choose a chair for your game setup, choose which game you intend to play next. In addition, we should not forget that if you buy a cheap gaming chair, it will see your need up to a point. Choosing the best that your budget allows is one of the most important factors here.

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