Bloodborne 2 fan-made trailer looks great

An amazing fan trailer for the new Bloodborne 2 game has been released on the Garden of Eyes YouTube channel! Details are in our news.

The Garden of Eyes YouTube channel shared a trailer, or rather a fan trailer, based on the possible Bloodborne 2 game with the players.

The fan trailer called Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt is in exactly one and a half minutes; It has been able to fit new episodes, NPCs, bosses, game modes and much more.

“Meet Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt, whose sequel is highly anticipated and exclusive to PlayStation 5.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Jim Ryan claimed that a number of PlayStation games were on their way to the PC. To be honest, it makes sense to have games like both Bloodborne and Dreams playable on PC.

Bloodborne hikayesi

The story of the play takes place in the Victorian era in an ancient city called Yharnam, located behind hidden mountains. People are cursed and turned into monsters because of a strange endemic disease that has spread to the streets of Yharnam. The ancient city named Yharnam shortly after the spread of the disease; it turns into a city steeped in death and blood, on the streets of which monsters roam. Thereupon, people who are not infected start to kill / slaughter those who are infected by hunting monsters every night in the streets of Yharnam.

Bloodborne 2 fan-made trailer

Is Bloodborne 2 coming?

We know that FromSoftware is working on many projects, but none of these projects are related / related to Bloodborne. Remastered version of Bloodborne game or Bloodborne 2 etc. It seems unlikely that a sequel will come out as the studio is busy with other games.

As expected, two policies followed by companies can be emphasized; The first is to try to create more demand for the sequel, and the second is the reasons for busy / busy work we mentioned above. There is a third, although unlikely, that is that they did not make as much gain as they expected from the first Bloodborne game released in March 2015.

If we see a new Bloodborne game, we anticipate it will be released for PS4, PS5 and PC. What we can define as the biggest community page of the game Reddit You can check the page from time to time to keep up to date with developments.

It’s important to note that the video work above is a fan trailer. FromSoftwareDoes not work on Bloodborne’s sequel. Therefore, you should not expect such a game in the near future.

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