Bloober Team may be developing new Silent Hill game

Bloober Team SA, the developer of Medium, says the project they are working on will ’cause a huge excitement when it is announced’.

Bloober Team, developer of games like Medium and Layers of Fear 1 & 2, said that a very famous game publisher is working on an existing IP. We could even say that this fueled speculation that Konami’s Silent Hill franchise will be revived. First of all, all this will remain an assumption for now, but we need to wait more cautiously for the upcoming announcements.

Medium developer Bloober Team may be developing a new Silent Hill game

Although the studio has not revealed the identity of the series on which it is working, CEO of the Bloober team Piotr Babieno, GI.bizHe said he believed it would cause great excitement when he was explained to. It seems they are working on the new game of a well-known and highly anticipated series.

“We’ve been working on another game project, another horror IP for over a year, and we do it with a very famous game publisher“I can’t tell you who he is or what the project is, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be very excited when they realize we are working on people,” he said.

Of course, after the announcements that came in this way, fans began to think that the Polish developer could work on Silent Hill. You know, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka gave a message to the fans by saying “This summer we will announce a project you want to hear”. When we put all these pieces together, it looks like we will be announcing a new Silent Hill game later this year and we can already guess the developer’s name.

Bloober Team may be developing new Silent Hill game

VGC Reportedly, a person familiar with Japanese broadcaster Konami’s plans provided some details on the revival of the Silent Hill series. Dark Pictures The developer of the series Supermassive has applied to develop a new game in this series, but Konami did not accept this and the contract was not signed. Also, according to some sources, the new project contains a kind of deviation different from previous games. Again sources are in addition to Konami’s horror series Castlevania ve Metal Gear Solid He says he also plans to work on his games through external companies, but possible releases are still a few more years.

You can also see the images shared by the producer of the series for the new horror game by clicking here. Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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