Best MMO mobile games

What are the best MMO mobile games? We have compiled the best MMO games for Android and iOS in 2021 that you can play with your friends.

Players can be played best MMO mobile games The search has been increasing in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for this increase is the visible technological developments in phones and tablets. The impressive hardware of phones and tablets now enables console-like games to be created for these devices. So much so that although there are phones created for hardcore gamers like the Asus ROG Phone 5, phones from any brand, average level or one click above average; It will allow you to play technically the best MMO mobile games. Are there any other games you’d like to see in this list by PhoneEra? We look forward to seeing your favorite mobile games in the comments.

Do you know what MMO games are?

MMO; “Massively Multiplayer Online GameIt is a type of game that is being expanded as “. It is an abbreviation of” Massively Multiplayer Online “. As the name suggests, MMO creates environments where players can interact with each other. Players can gather in parties, guilds, etc., raid dungeons together, complete missions, kill bosses. or face each other in spectacular PvP battles.

The name MMO was originally used to refer to all games that were used alone and gather players to their servers. So it was a “general” term. Although this discourse continues today, there are multiple subtitles for MMO and top MMO mobile games.

This genre essentially has three subtitles. These three subtitles; MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), MMOFPS (Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter Games) and MMOTPS (Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter Games).

Here is the list of the best MMO mobile games

Evil Lands

For download: Android | iOS

Second on our list of the best mobile MMO mobile games is Evil Lands. Evil Lands, which fans of The Elder Scrolls will be interested in; It is an MMORPG game with an environment similar to The Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim and Oblivion. In addition to the pleasant visuals and impressive music, the game features a mid-sized concept; There are many maps, a co-op mode specially designed for players, and a PvP battle mode.

Best MMO mobile games

The controls are intuitive. Once you’ve chosen your character’s class (like warrior, mage, or assassin), you can start playing right away without having to deal with lengthy tutorial parts. You can explore the enchanted forest and dungeon-like sections where monsters hide to collect loot and upgrade, and improve your skills as you progress. The game is freely playable on both Android and iOS.

World of Kings – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

World of Warcraft has a mobile alternative: World of Kings. The game, which is a nice alternative to World of Warcraft; Its huge 26-kilometer open world with epic dungeons impresses with its thousands of NPCs, secret stories and variety of enemies. It contains 6 different classes and each class has a different story.

Best MMO mobile games

You can form a team to fight with the surrounding players in the arena or on the battlefield; You can start a duel at any time and strengthen the game’s skills. World of Kings stands out as a game worth playing with its extensive RPG elements, satisfying graphics, intuitive mobile control, classes, and even pets. The game is freely playable on both Android and iOS.

Arcane Legends – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

Developed by Spacetime Studios, with an active and loyal player community, Arcane Legends is one of the games we are pleased to include in our list of best MMO mobile games as a fantastic MMORPG. You can create your character and mission with other players simultaneously and online.

Best MMO mobile games - Android and iOS

While fighting with dragons, orcs and other enemies, you will have to progress to many different areas such as castle, forest and dungeon. In the game, you can collect and raise your own pets, encounter other players or make progress with other players.

Since Arcane Legends is a game that can be run by almost any phone on this list, it is easily playable even on low-budget phones or tablets. It is also free.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

Ragnarok M is an MMO RPG game based on Ragnarok Online, released in 2002. Ragnarok means “the last day” in Norse mythology. There are many classes in the game to choose from. It also had a very easy and versatile gameplay for new players.

Lovers of classic RPG games can choose Ragnarok M to start a new excitement; they will probably be quite satisfied.

Lineage 2: Revolution – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

We are faced with a game that pushes the limits of graphic quality. Let’s take a look at Lineage 2: Revolution, which is the only choice of gamers who love beautiful graphics because it is developed using Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Lineage 2: Revolution offers you many possibilities in the game; You can form big groups to raid bosses while exploring the colossal big world. If you are playing with friends, you may also consider grouping and creating clans / guilds to make progress easier. You can fight against other players in massive real-time battles supported by up to fifty people. You can choose from several different character classes and races such as Human, Elf, and Dwarf.

Lineage 2: Revolution, which is on our list of the best mobile games, is free to play.

AdventureQuest 3D – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

If you are looking for an MMO RPG game where you can have fun with your friends, try AdventureQuest 3D, which we are happy to include on our list. It offers crossplay (cross-platform) support between Android, iOS and PC. In other words, you can get together with your friends either by phone, tablet or computer.

This game essentially started its life as a 2D flash game, was later redesigned and it took its final form. It reminds me of a minimalist version of World of Warcraft specifically for the graphics. At the same time, we can say that almost everything you are looking for in an MMO is available in this game; especially PvP battles.

Old School RuneScape – Best MMO mobile games

For download: Android | iOS

If you want to make an accurate list of top MMO mobile games, you have to refer to Old School RuneScape. The old school version of the RuneScape classic is now available on Android and iOS. There is even better; Like AdventureQuest 3D, Old School RuneScape also offers crossplay support.

Like most mobile games on the list, Old School RuneScape is a free to play game. But different from others, extra missions, skills, etc. It also offers a tiered subscription plan for customizations.

Order & Chaos 2

For download: Android | iOS

The Order & Chaos series created by Gameloft is among the most popular MMO games on both mobile platforms and there is a good reason for this. The first game was an example of how great mobile MMOs can be; the second was able to take everything the former did well and build a lot of extra-good things on it.

Order & Chaos 2; It has an extremely wide and immersive world and great graphics. For a gamer looking for the best MMO mobile games, Order & Chaos 2 is definitely worth considering.

Dungeon Hunter 5

For download: Android | iOS

The Dungeon Hunter series is a very popular series in the mobile game world. However, if you haven’t heard, let us introduce you to one of the most popular hack and slash games you’ve ever seen on smartphones. Dungeon Hunter 5 is not a classic MMO game like the mobile games mentioned above. Instead, like Clash of Clans, it was built on a multi-time (simultaneous and asynchronous) multiplayer system. Dungeon Hunter 5, with its impressive graphics and very entertaining game mechanics, is a game that the best MMO mobile games hunters should try immediately.

Best MMO mobile games list You can specify the games you want to see in the comments section.

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