Batwoman’s Renee Montaya hails from Gotham

Batwoman’s character Renee Montaya will be transferred from Gotham. However, it is stated that the series and the Batwoman movie will not have any connection.

Renee Montaya of Batwoman aired on CW Television will be Victoria Cartagena. Cartagena also played the same character during FX’s Gotham series. According to the news of Deadline, Renee Montaya, played by Victorica Cartagena in the series Batwoman, will be completely different from the Gotham series. According to the newspaper’s report, it is only a coincidence that Cartagena will play this role for the Batwoman series.

How Batwoman’s Renee Montaya will be presented with a portrait

According to Deadline, Renee Montaya, whom we will see in the series Batwoman, ” Montaya, a member of the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), is an ex-cop who can no longer tolerate corruption in the department and leaves his job”. It is stated that the member will be presented as a woman.

Also, Montaya’scleaning the city of GothamIt is claimed that she will have a personal and secret mission for “. Victoria Cartagena is very excited to be playing the role of Renee Montana again, with her tweet on the subject. Cartagena, “To complete his unfinished business, He is very excited to be working with a new and extremely talented team.

Batwoman's Renee Montaya hails from Gotham

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