Battlefield Portal mode announced in Battlefield 2042 video

In the Battlefield 2042 video, the Battlefield Portal mode, where we can access even old maps with brand new dynamics and our own rules, was announced.

One of the games that took place in the EA Play event held in the past hours was Battlefield 2042. The game, which came out with a brand new gameplay video, Battlefield Portal A special mode called Apart from this special mode, where the players will determine their own rules and sign very different encounters, it has been announced that many maps we are familiar with from the series will also take place in the new game. We’ve heard rumors about this before. Thus, we learned that the missed maps will appear in a renewed way with Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield Portal mode announced

Battlefield Portal mode announced in Battlefield 2042 video

Battlefield Portal If we summarize the mode, we can actually make a special game mode analogy that will be created by the community. In Battlefield Portal mode, which will contain new maps as well as some maps from the past of the series, players will be able to create games within their own rules and share them with other players. In other words, whether there is a random weapon for each round, the number of players, or the players can only use defibrillators, the game creator will determine the rules. Of course, it will be possible to create different game modes such as a player enters with a tank and others try to stop him. The production team stated that they will leave all the freedom to the player in this regard, as the limits of the game allow.

Earlier BattleHub Battlefield Portal mode, also called Battlefield Portal mode, will actually be community-based and will likely continue to be updated. You can check out the trailer for Battlefield 2042, which will be released on October 22, for Battlefield Portal, below.

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