Battlefield Mobile game coming next year

According to the statement made by EA and Dice, a new Battlefield Mobile game will meet with game lovers in the next year.

EA’in bloğuAfter the statement made, the arms are plastered for a new Battlefield Mobile game. According to the statement made by DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson, the game will be introduced in a very short time.

Battlefield Mobile game coming next year

According to the statement, the new Battlefield mobile game will not be a continuation or expansion of any existing game. It will appear as a completely independent production. No other details were shared about the game, whose tests have already started. However, via EA blog post, EA confirmed that another studio has joined the Battlefield team, which is developed for PC and consoles: EA Gothenburg. The Swedish studio “takes the technology in the game to the next level.”

Battlefield Mobile game coming next year

You can find a part of the explanation below:

“Our vision has always been to bring Battlefield to more platforms. Therefore, after years of prototyping, our friends at Industrial Toys are great to have worked hard with the DICE team for a Battlefield game that will bring all-out war to smartphones and tablets in 2022. I want to announce with happiness.

Remember, this will be a standalone game. It is a completely different game from the one we made for console and PC and specially designed for the mobile platform. It is built from the ground up by iToys to be a fully developed and skill-based experience that will make the idea of ​​playing Battlefield anywhere. This mobile game is now entering the testing period ahead of next year’s launch and we will share details soon.

I can’t wait to show you the next two Battlefield games. “

All we have to do is wait and see the step taken against Call of Duty Mobile.

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