Battlefield 6 trailer sounds leaked

It came to the fore once again with the sounds of the Battlefield 6 trailer, which we encountered with the screen shots leak in the past days.

Battlefield 6 fragman The demonstration seems to be just around the corner. Although it was announced that it is under construction at the technical demo show held last year, we have not yet encountered the Battlefield 6 announcement. Despite this, there have been a lot of leaks related to the game, especially in recent days. First of all, the actors who had the chance to watch the trailer made statements about some of the scenes and the fans of the game also put these scenes into the drawings. Just after, we recently encountered the leaking Battlefield 6 screenshots. Interestingly enough, the trailer sounds of the game were leaked today.

The Battlefield 6 trailer can be released at any time

It is also said that the Battlefield 6 trailer can be released at any time after the incoming information, screenshots and trailer sounds are leaked. Of course, when there are so many leaks, a large mass of players think that these leaks are a kind of advertising work.

It is stated that the multiplayer mode will support 64 vs 64, that is 128 people. Battlefield 6 fragman their voices were leaked on the Reddit platform. To these shared voices by clicking here you can reach.

Battlefield 6 trailer sounds leaked

When we listen to the leaked trailer sounds, we can say that a trailer with intense scene transition awaits us. Apart from the moments of great conflict, we clearly hear the sounds of jet and of course the noises of collapsed buildings in these trailer sounds. In the last part, the sound effects resembling a missile launch draw attention. It has already been given in the screen shots leak and information that a part of the game may take place in space. We even clearly saw missiles about to take off on a large island in the screenshots.

It has been claimed that Battlefield 6 will pass 10 years from now. It was stated that the game, which is stated to include in the near future equipment such as military robots, advanced drones, jets, helicopters and tanks, will also include dynamics such as choosing sides in the story mode.

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