Battlefield 6 appeared with new leaked details

New details continue to be leaked for Battlefield 6, which has been signed by EA Games and developed by the DICE team for a while.

Battlefield 6 It continues to appear with new leaks for a while. Details about the game’s story and some gameplay mechanics have been leaked before. New leaks have also occurred for the game, which is expected to be officially announced by EA Games soon. With these leaks, Tom Henderson, which we can almost describe as the official leak source, has included some new details of the game.

Details from the Battlefield 6 announcement trailer

Battlefield 6 appeared with new leaked details

We have previously encountered claims that Battlefield 6 will pass 10 years from now. It was stated that the game, which is stated to include in the near future equipment such as military robots, advanced drones, jets, helicopters and tanks, will also include dynamics such as choosing sides in the story mode. New leaks are focused on the first announcement trailer of the game.

Tom Henderson stated that the announcement trailer to be broadcast will begin on an uninhabited island. While it is said that this trailer will include natural events such as tornadoes and violent storms, it is also among the information that we will witness the moment of launching a big rocket. Henderson also shared a planning image of one of these first scenes. This scene, which consists only of drawings, of course, was immediately painted by the fans of the series, additions were made and it is a made into. You can take a look at this image below.

On the other hand, it has been repeated once again that the multiplayer mode of the game will support 64 by 64, ie 128 people. This means that again, we will encounter large map designs.

Battlefield 6 appeared with new leaked details

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