Bad news for PlayStation gamers for STALKER 2

The news for STALKER 2 may not be very pleasant for players waiting for the game on PlayStation. It is said to be exclusive for Xbox and PC.

STALKER 2, which brings the series back to life when we think it is dead, will remain exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms for 3 months, according to some rumors. The developer also said in an interview recently that players may not like the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 version of the game.

STALKER 2 will be released exclusively for Xbox and PC

Developer GSC GameWorld recently said in an interview with GameBolt that STAKLER 2 “has no plans for now” on any other platform other than Xbox and PC. It seems that there are no plans for the new game of the popular series to be released on PlayStation consoles yet. Some rumors state that the game will be a PC and Xbox exclusive game for the first 3 months, then it will be released for other platforms, but these are only that there are rumors It is worth noting.

Bad news for PlayStation gamers for STALKER 2

Details of Microsoft’s exclusive game deals for some games, one of which is STALKER 2, come from the ongoing Epic Games & Apple court. The documents reveal that one of these particular games, at least for now, is STALKER 2. The game will be exclusive for STALKER 2 Xbox and PC platforms, which will be released in the last quarter of 2021 (such as October-December).

This may be Microsoft trying to attract gamers to the Xbox Series X / S or PC platform. It is a fact that he keeps his studies tight on this subject. So much so that some rumors state that EA DICE will add the new Battlefield game to the Xbox Game Pass system from day one. Game Pass has been one of the issues that Microsoft has strengthened its hand in the game handle and has recently been on the top of the game, it continues to be preferred by the players in our country thanks to its affordable price.

The last details shared about STALKER 2 will please the players familiar with the series. What they show in the last video, which allows us to take a superficial look at the variety of weapons, characters and story in the game, reveals that the next game will be quite large compared to the other games of the series. Although we do not have a clear release date yet, we are looking forward to it and we will try to inform you of the developments as quickly as possible.

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