Amazon Prime Video Turkey May 2021 contents announced

Amazon Originals contents, which will be launched in May, of the Amazon Prime Video Turkey service, which attracts attention with its different contents, have been announced.

Amazon Prime Video TurkeyAnnounced the new content that will be released in May. Among the popular productions to meet Prime members in May, the highly anticipated mini-series “The Underground Railroad,” based on Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer-winning novel and directed by academy-award-winning Berry Jenkins, is the first of the teen-adult series “Panic” written and directed by Lauren Oliver. season and the “P! NK: All I Know So Far” documentary, which brings together the behind-the-scenes interviews and behind-the-scenes of what happened on the “Beautiful Trauma” world tour of the world-renowned artist P! NK. All that will meet with Amazon Prime members in May new productionsIt is offered with the option of Turkish subtitles.

Amazon Prime Video Turkey May Calendar

The Underground Railroad – 14 Mayıs

The long-anticipated mini-series “The Underground Railroad”, based on Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer-winning novel, will air on Friday, May 14, with Amazon Prime Video Turkey. Directed by Academy award-winning Berry Jenkins and starring such names as Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon and Joel Edgerton, the 10-episode Amazon Originals miniseries brings together the audience with Cora Randall’s fight for freedom in the southern US region before the civil war. In the series; After escaping from a plantation in Cora, Georgia, he discovers that the Underground Railroad, which until then was just a rumor, is a secret network of tunnels running under the Southern lands, full of engineers and conductors. Traveling from state to state, Cora tackles both the legacy of her mother who left her behind and her own problems to achieve a life she never thought was possible before.

Amazon Prime Video Turkey May 2021 contents announced

P!NK: All I Know So Far – 21 Mayıs

The documentary “P! NK: All I Know So Far” starring the world-renowned artist P! NK can be watched on Amazon Prime Video Turkey starting May 21st. Produced by Michael Gracey and Isabella Parish as well as Luminaries, Silent House and Lefty Paw studios, “P! NK: All I Know So Far” brings the audience together with the backside of the chaos that P! NK describes as the “life”. Blending footage from the award-winning artist P! Nk’s road adventures, behind-the-scenes interviews and personal life during the record-breaking “Beautiful Trauma” world tour, the documentary takes viewers to join his chosen family and balance his life as a mother, wife, boss and performance artist. he invites him to witness his work.

Amazon Prime Video Turkey May 2021 contents announced

Panic Season 1 – May 28

Based on Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel and written and directed by himself, the first 10-episode season of the young-adult series “Panic” will be released on Amazon Prime Video Turkey on May 28th. The new one-hour drama series with each episode takes place in a small town in Texas each year, which hosts a series of competitions in which only one winner is believed to be their only chance for high school graduates to get their lives back on track. But this summer the rules are changing: This time, the money the winner will make is more money than ever and the game is more dangerous than ever. Players have to face their deepest, darkest fears and decide how much risk they will take to win.

Amazon Prime Video Turkey May 2021 contents announced

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