Amazon Lord of the Rings cancels MMO project

Amazon canceled the Lord of the Rings MMO project, which will be free to play, as a result of disagreements with Tencent over the contract.

The news is that Amazon announced in 2018 that it would be free to play. Lord of the Rings MMO that he canceled his project. The project is thought to be canceled due to a dispute with Chinese game giant Tencent. Statements made are that the contract made was broken and they could not find a “guarantee” to improve the game.

Lord of the Rings MMO project canceled

One Bloomberg According to his report, the cancellation of the project was due to a dispute between Amazon and Tencent. Tencent’s acquisition of Leyou in December 2020 reportedly spawned this dispute. Lord of the Rings MMO contract negotiations between Amazon and Tencent are said to have been broken after Warframe developer Digital Extremes and Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage bought Leyou.

“We are currently unable to secure the conditions to continue with this game,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “We love the Lord of the Rings IP and we are disappointed that we will not be able to offer this game to customers,” he said. added.

It is reported that the Amazon team that developed the game will move to other projects. The Lord of the Rings MMO game was first announced by Athlon and its rights holder Middle-earth Enterprises in September 2018. Athlon said at the time that he and a “co-developer” had developed an online game “long before the Lord of the Rings events, where they will explore lands, people and creatures never seen before by fans of the Tolkien universe.”

Amazon Lord of the Rings cancels MMO project

Visual: New World MMORPG

Amazon Game Studios would promote and release the game in the global market, with the exception of the Chinese distribution to be handled by Leyou, in addition to co-development of the game. Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Studio, said in 2019:

“Tolkien’s Middle World is one of the richest fictional worlds in history and gives our team of veteran MMO developers – the studio that developed New World – a tremendous opportunity to play and create.”

Also set to launch New World in August 2021, the company is working on a multiplayer game and several unannounced projects with some of the core team behind Rainbow Six Siege last month. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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