Alyx keyboard mouse mode looks very successful

Half-Life: Alyx, one of the best games of the past year, has become fully playable with a keyboard mouse and it looks very successful.

Fully developed for virtual reality glasses Half-Life: Alyx klavye mouse How do you think it would be with the duo? We have seen different studies on Half-Life: Alyx keyboard and mouse mode, one of the most successful games of the last year.

For the game that was released in March last year, such works were started to be signed immediately after. Of course, as time passed, the mod makers continued to improve their existing work as well as presenting more successful examples. Here is a new video released reveals that Half-Life: Alyx is fully playable with a keyboard and mouse duo.

Half-Life: video for Alyx keyboard mouse mode released

Half-Life: Alyx keyboard mouse mode looks very successful

If you remember, we mentioned in the previous news that some Half-Life fans who played with the codes of the game played Half-Life: Alyx developed for virtual reality without VR. Realizing that the game can be modded in this way, the mod makers naturally started to offer different examples. Although we have seen successful examples in this regard, SoMNst, the mod maker, managed to take the event one step further. In the video published by the mod maker, we can say that the game seems to be developed for the keyboard and mouse duo, not for VR.

Although the game was designed entirely for virtual reality glasses, it managed to minimize this effect. it is possible to say. Both the advancement and the conflict dynamics seem quite successful. In the previous modes, the problems experienced especially in the progress of the character were noticeable. But we see that this situation has disappeared with the studies done on it. When we look at his statements, he stated that he has made innovations on animations, camera problems and player progress in the last update. The release date of this new mod is not yet clear. You can check out his video below.

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