All known about Diablo IV

New information about Diablo IV was announced at the Blizzcon event held recently. We brought all this information together.

In Blizzconline, which recently ended Diablo IV We learned a lot of new information about it. We gathered a lot of information from both live announcements and interviews with the production team of the game. We have put together all the information we have collected about the general state of the game, the open world system, the new character and PvP for you. What was explained about Diablo IV during Blizzconline, what kind of information we got during the interviews, let’s see together.

Rogue class returns for Diablo IV

The new class announced for Diablo IV is the Rogue we know from the first game. The fast and agile Rogue will have melee weapons like swords and knives, as well as ranged weapons like bows and crossbows.

The Rogue class will be dexterity-based and will be effective in close or long range combat according to your preference. In the game, where there are tasks specific to the classes, the Rogue class will be able to perform tasks belonging to 3 different groups and have special orientations called “Specialization”. Groups in Sanctuary where you can unlock special orientations by doing their missions are designated as Outlaw Smugglers operating in Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, Mercenaries of Kehjistan and Swamps of Hawezar. Let’s not go without mentioning, if we consider the old band of Rogue that we controlled in the first game and what we saw in Diablo 2, we can say that we will encounter the remnants of the old days.

“Shadow Realm”, which allows you to pull enemies to a different land and inflict higher damage, “Exploit Weakness” where you can deal more damage than normal with serial attacks, and “Combo Points”, where you can accumulate combo points on the enemy and use all of them in powerful abilities, are determined as the orientations that the Rogue class can choose. After activating all the special orientations, you will be able to switch between orientations as you wish and have personalized characters with many different builds.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

As in all classes, the Rogue class will have the opportunity to choose a male or female character. Rogue characters will be able to strengthen their weapons with ice, shadow or poison, and neutralize them with quick moves through the shadows. Although Rogue was the only character revealed during Blizzconline, another shadow appeared at the campfire recently. Although we can only guess about the character for now, to see the next character too we look forward.

Meet Other Residents of Sanctuary in the Open World

Unlike previous games Diablo IV We are going on an adventure in the open world. In the open world, we will be able to participate in community PvE – PvP events as well as main missions and side missions. In addition to collecting equipment for our character, you can also earn various rewards, customization items such as mounts and transmogs.

Mounts seem to hold an important place in the game. We will have a chance to get mounts from various missions, puzzles we solve or enemies we cut. The producers, who say that they will provide diversity in the subject of the passenger, say that each mount is designed in harmony with the world of the game and that they will not make designs that will spoil the atmosphere of the world. We will also be able to customize the mounts by hanging armor, horseshoes and various ornaments. Each class will use a unique skill when disembarking from mounts. There will be things like Rogue class dropping arrows at enemies while getting off the horse.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

After Reaper of Souls, the balance of power changes and evil beings begin to spread around the Sanctuary for dominance. This is where Diablo IV’s new “Camps” system comes into play. On each map, you will see areas where various evil beings are gathered. The gathering places of these creatures will become camps that you can return to later when you clear the areas we can call their castles. You will have a brand new safe space with vendors and NPCs settling in the area. Each camp will have its own region. When you open a camp, you will reach new missions and the entrance to a new dungeon.

Diablo IVJohn Mueller, the art director of the camps, says it is a favorite feature of the camps. He said that each of the camps will be special. The beings you will fight to clear the camp can be a mob of ghosts, bandits or demons, depending on where you are. Diablo is a Hack & Slash / Action RPG type game and most players don’t care too much about the main story, but the producer team doesn’t forget the story-loving audience like me. It is said that the main story of the game will have an average of 20-30 hours with a single character. Of course, story aside, I can already guess that we will spend hundreds of hours on the rest of the game.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

We have access to the open world even before we complete the main story, but according to Joe Shely, once the main story is completed, the world will open a little more. When you finish the story, you will have access to more adventures and if you want to start from scratch with new characters, you will not need to play the main story over and over. Replaying the story in new seasons or new characters will be up to you.

Discrete Players Assemble

We said that it will also have PvP feature in the open world. We also got various information on this subject. The “Hatred of Mephisto” coming out of hell will impress players, making them a state where they can attack other players. In the regions called “Fields of Hatred”, players will have the opportunity to participate in various events, kill different creatures and enter into one-on-one battles with other players. It will also be possible to collect a special currency called “Shards of Hatred” from here. “Shards of Hatred” is a currency that cannot be used as you first acquired it and must first be cleared. What will add excitement to the PvP side is that uncleaned SoHs can be stolen by the players who killed you. You will be able to see many players chasing after what you have.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

We’ve killed other players in the “Fields of Hatred” areas, and Mephisto’s curse will have more power over you, and you will eventually become one of the representatives of hatred on earth, the “Vessel of Hatred”. In this case, all players on the map will be able to see your location and if they kill you, they will receive a reward. If you manage to survive for a certain period of time, you will be the side that wins great prizes. With this currency, it will be possible to buy various equipment, cosmetics, mounts and other content.

I am a player who likes more PvE and the PvP side is not very attractive. During our interview with the producers, we had the opportunity to ask what players who do not like PvP would miss. For example, if we don’t enter this area, are we likely to miss something about the story highlights? Fortunately, there is no need to worry about this. While the PvP zones are said to be fun and designed to be enjoyed by the players, they stated that they don’t want PvE players to miss the key points of the story. You can come here to collect some PvP-exclusive cosmetic items or PvP equipment, but the main story is said to be something that pushes you to this point in particular.

Finally, as we’ve seen with Rogue cinematics, the feature of collecting enemy ears is back. If you kill your opponent, you can throw an ear in your bag. Ears will only serve as a proof of victory and will not have any extra missions in the game.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

A Game That Embraces the Whole Series

As I slowly come to the end of the article, I would like to convey the short information we have compiled from the questions asked during the interview. Most players who have been waiting for Diablo 3 for years get nervous when they say “Error 37”. When we try to enter the game due to excessive congestion on the day of the game release, precautions have been taken to prevent a situation such as the “Error 37” error we receive from repeating. This time, a more smooth exit is planned. (I am hopeful this time, given that Shadowlands did not cause any major problems on the day of release)

Diablo IV The pace of the game seemed to have slowed down a little more in the videos published for this, which raised the question of “did they lower the tempo compared to the old games? They say the pace of the game has been slowed down especially for promotional videos. A much faster game than Diablo 3, in which many different events can occur at the same time, is waiting for us.

Almost every game recently uses a Season Pass-like system. No statement has been made that such a system will be used in the Diablo IV seasons, so we consider it non-existent.

Diablo IV preview - what have we learned at Blizzcon?

Diablo IVThe PC version will come with remote controller support. In this case, the question arises whether there will be cross-play support between consoles and PC. Joe Shely says that controller support increases the accessibility options for PC gamers. “We have already announced that there will be a cross-progression system in the game and that you can use your character on the consoles in the PC version, but we do not have any explanation about cross-play support.”

Finally, the producers state that they have made a game that embraces all Diablo games and includes the loved parts of each game. As a result, we hope to see how successful they can be in 2022.

Diablo IV Although no exact release date has been given for Blizzconline, it was officially confirmed that it will not be released in 2021. It is also unclear when the alpha version of the game will be released. As someone who has been following the series since the first game, especially who has spent long hours in the second game, I am looking forward to it. At least while we wait, we’ll be able to get some of our hunger with Diablo 2 and Diablo Immortal.

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