All announcements made at the Apple presentation

Apple made some announcements as well as introducing its new products with a special presentation it organized yesterday evening.

Apple, one of the biggest companies in the technology world, introduced its new products with a special presentation organized yesterday evening and made some expected announcements. In addition to new models, the company announced its products such as AirTag, which has been rumored for a long time, and also introduced the podcast service that will operate through the subscription service. As always, the opening speech of this new presentation, which is remarkable in terms of shooting and transition, was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple introduced its new products

In this presentation, Apple announced new color options, new iMac and iPad models, as well as the renewed Podcast service we just mentioned. This Podcast service will be available in 170 countries without ads.

All announcements made at the Apple presentation

Mother renkli iPhone 12

One of the surprise announcements of the presentation was the purple iPhone 12 models. The company announced that it will also include this color option in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini models. The purple iPhone 12 models, which will be available as a pre-order as of April 23, this Friday, will be available from all Apple stores as of April 30.

Solution to lost items: AirTag

The AirTag incident has actually been rumored for a long time, and Apple’s announcement was taken for granted. After all these rumors, the Air Tag announcement was also signed at the presentation held last night. The price of the AirTag model, which will allow you to track our valuables over a short distance wireless connection, has been announced as $ 29. The four-pack option is available for $ 99. When we look at the prices in our country, we see that the single AirTag model is 299 TL and the four-pack is 999 TL. AirTag, which also has features such as audible alerts, will be on sale as of April 30.

All announcements made at the Apple presentation

New Apple TV and remote

One of the announcements made in the presentation came from Apple TV. Along with the Apple TV 4K, the system’s new controller was also introduced. This new model, which uses the company’s A12 bionic chip, will also feature HDR and will be on sale as of April 30. 32 GB version for $ 179, 64GB version of the 199 will be the price of Apple TV model described Turkey as $ 2,099 and TL 2,299 TL.

All announcements made at the Apple presentation

New iMac models and color options

Undoubtedly, one of the most important announcements in Apple’s presentation was the new iMac models. The new imac models, which have 7 different color options, will use the company’s highly praised M1 processor, just like the macbook models. In this way, we can say that the iMac models, which are expected to give a much better performance, also stand out with their thinner and stylish design. These new models, which have two Thunderbolt and two USB C inputs, also have a 1080P camera. Considering the epidemic period with the camera, we can say that the Facetime application was also heavily focused.

The new iMac has become a prominent device, especially with its 4.5K retina display and 10dBa sound level. The price of the new iMac model will start from 14,499 TL.

All announcements made at the Apple presentation

New iPad models

Just like the iMac models, Apple brought the M1 chip to the new iPad models. In addition to USB 4.0 and Thunderbolt support, the new ipad model, which has important features such as 8K display output, also comes with great innovations in the camera part. IPad models with 6 speakers also have important details such as 1600 nit brightness and Liquid Retina XDR.

On the iPad side, as mentioned earlier models were followed in Turkey raised reflected in prices. While the starting price of the 11-inch new model is listed as 8.599 TL, we see that the starting price of the 12.9-inch model is 11.999 TL.

All announcements made at the Apple presentation

On the back of the iPad model, there is a camera with a 12 MP f1.8 aperture. There is also a 10 MP f2.4 aperture wide-angle lens on the back. On the front, we see that a 12 MP wide-angle lens is used directly. This front camera, which focuses on the conference side with the zoom application, also has the ability to follow its user by making automatic cut.

Featured announcements in the Apple presentation was like this. Apart from these announcements, products such as Magic Keybord, which has features such as Touch ID, were also introduced.

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