Activision allegedly sued an independent developer

An independent developer says Activision sued him for stealing the title of the Warzone game. However, his game was published 3 years ago.

An independent game developer, Activision because of the name of his game He started a donation campaign, claiming that he sued him. Developer named Randy GoFundMe “Activision is suing me for being an independent developer.” First released in 2017 Warzone He says the company accused him of “stealing names” and sued him because of an independent game named after him.

Says he was sued by independent developer Activision

Saying that he loves playing games and has devoted more than 10 years of his life to making a single game, Randy has developed WarLight, a turn-based strategy game. Warzone he says that the game is released in the form of a sequel. Saying that this game has been the only source of income for ten years and now has been developing it as a full-time job, Randy says he hopes to continue working on it for the rest of his life.

Saying that he was surprised that Activision took the name Warzone, the developer states that according to the trademark law, the first person to use a name received the rights. He emphasizes that just like someone cannot make a game called “Minecraft” today, a game called Warzone is also made by him and is subject to this rule. He also says that for Activision “they don’t think the laws apply to them.” “Even though I released a game called Warzone years ago, they are suing me to prevent me from claiming my rights to the Warzone trademark!”

Activision allegedly sued an independent developer

Activision made a statement in the lawsuit it filed as “It is unthinkable for any member of the public to confuse two products.” Developer Randy says he often gets to people who mix the two games with him. To the people who reach Warzone and Call of Duty: Warzone games are different games and says that they should contact Activision.

The developer of Call of Duty: Warzone claims that they constantly marketed and promoted CoD: Warzone as part of the series as evidence in the official case. To remove the Call of Duty words, they swiped their logo up and left a black space at the bottom, according to developer Randy. According to the developer, Activision made changes to the logo of the game to justify itself in the case.

The independent developer states that all the money he earns in the donation campaign he initiated will be used in the legal fight with the company. Developer who currently raised $ 17,468 of his $ 50,000 goal in the donation campaign It also explains the details. No statement has been made by Activision yet, we will try to inform you of the developments as quickly as possible. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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