A Skyrim mod has been released where you can explore Valenwood

It has released a brand new Skyrim mod where you can both explore the Valenwood region and access new missions. Details are in our news.

By the mod designer ‘theblackfist’, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition released a mod developed for. The Skyrim mode, which requires more than 2.5GB of space, adds new missions to the game and allows you to explore the Valenwood region.

In this mode, players will team up with the Imperial assault forces and take back the territory piece by piece as they travel through the Valenwood region with the characters they command and their allies. Indigenous Bosmer and Khajiit populations, long oppressed under the Aldmeri Reign, will also join the team to help repel the Thalmor. It should be noted that not all Bosmers will be friends.

You can find the map shared by the developer of the Valenwood-based Skyrim mod initiative below. He gives an additional thanks for this mod: “None of this would have been possible if Colemanallen1987 hadn’t made the original Valenwood mod, so please don’t forget to check out his mod as well.” Colemanallen1987’s moment created Valenwood way for link you can visit.

A Skyrim mod has been released where you can explore Valenwood

A wide Skyrim mod and engaging storyline

As the player and their allies travel through Valenwood, they team up with the Imperial assault forces to reclaim the province. They also get help from the indigenous Bosmer and Khajiit populations to eliminate the Thalmor. These breeds; They have long been crushed under the Aldmeri Reign, and now the Bosmer and Khajiit races will also help you in your fight, as the Imperial assault troops are backing down.

To begin, he will go to Solitude dock and “The AvengerYou will get on the ship named “. At the end of the ship you will find a trap door and open it. Welcome to the Imperial Navy on its way to conquer the Valenwood region!

This Skyrim mod comes with a new world map for Valenwood and allows the player to explore the entire Valenwood region. Original Valenwood created by Colemanallen1987; It has a beautiful view that requires creativity and includes the best quality design works.

Skyrim mod requires Skyrim SE’s +1.5.73 and all additional packs (Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfires). This beautiful mod that we think is worth trying with its story and impressive designs. from the link You can download it. Do not forget to state your views in the comments section.

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