A new event is coming to the Warzone game

A new event is coming to the Call of Duty Warzone game. It looks like Verdansk will undergo a renewal and get the Cold War theme.

The post shared on the official twitter account of the Call of Duty game, signaled a new Warzone event. A short video showing the screen of a Cold War era computer shows a glitch effect image of a skull that was quickly replaced by “04.21 12PM PT”. This short video is accompanied by the sentence “The end is near …” shared in the post.

To reach the relevant Twitter post to the link you can click.

Long-standing rumors and leaks that we often report; It marks the destruction of the Verdansk map of Call of Duty: Warzone by a nuclear bomb. Apparently these rumors are true, and this time with nuclear event 22 April 21 Turkey time: 00 will take place.

So what will change in the Warzone game after the nuclear bomb?

Verdansk will undergo a renewal and get the theme of the 1980s. By sharing this informative trailer, we can more or less guess what it will look like.

We see that Treyarch has thoroughly integrated / trying to integrate Black Ops Cold War and Warzone game. This integration process; It has caused important problems in recent months due to the incompatible contents.

A new event is coming to the Warzone game

There are many players who think that Verdansk is “out of fashion”, and in direct proportion to that, a new map was needed. The point is, will a return to the Cold War be able to restore Verdansk’s popularity? We think players will not be satisfied if the map is not changed significantly.

The new map in the news we made about two weeks ago, you can access the link below; We have said that Kastovia, a fictional country in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will be a remake of Verdansk, a big city. In the images in the news, Cold War era symbols will replace the known parts of Verdansk such as the stadium and the dam under construction. It can be seen that many areas such as the airport, TV station and city center are recreated in 1980s style. However, Warzone’s new map content will also include some cult and quite new locations for Warzone, such as Duga-2 Radar in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Ashes to Ashes (15-B) mission.

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