A massive Nintendo Switch console has been produced

An American engineer produced a Nintendo Switch console 650 percent larger than the original and donated it to the children’s hospital.

An American engineer made the world’s largest Nintendo Switch console and donated it to a local children’s hospital. This giant console, which is 650 percent larger than a normal Switch, measures 70 x 30 inches and weighs about 30kg.

World’s largest Nintendo Switch console

This oversized rig was made by Michael Pick, an engineer who shared the details of the production on YouTube this weekend. Pick produced the giant Nintendo Switch console to donate to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. As he pointed out on Reddit “The kids loved it! It’s honestly the best aspect of this console,” he said.

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, portable but really easy to lose, and that was a problem for me,” he said. “So I decided to fix this by doing something a little bigger and a little harder to lose.”

As you can see in the video, the huge Switch, made with its joy-con and buttons, is fully functional. However, it is designed in such a way that external controllers can also be used to play the games. It works with a Switch and television placed in the giant console slot made. Of course, it is discussed how easy or enjoyable it is to play games, but we can say that it is a good project even to prove feasibility. Finally, it was very sweet to be donated to the children’s hospital.

A gigantic Nintendo Switch is produced

As you know, Nintendo also establishes play stations in children’s hospitals. Play stations have been established in many hospitals within the scope of this project, which was initiated with an American charity in order to facilitate the processes of children being treated. You can read our related news by clicking the link below.

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