A delicious trailer for Bridge of Spirits has been released

The new trailer for Kena: Bridge of Spirits game, which includes details on the gameplay and story side, was released during the State of Play presentation.

A new trailer has been released for tonight’s State of Play presentation for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. While showing new regions from the game’s exquisite world, some characters and story details that we will encounter during our journey were also included in the same trailer.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks pretty nice

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, perhaps the most prominent game among the independent productions announced for PlayStation 5, looks remarkable with its world and structure. The game, which we progress by forming a team of tiny creatures called Rot, will contain fast battles and exploration elements together in its structure. Currently available for pre-order and also for the PC platform Epic Games Store sold on. It should even be underlined that the price is quite affordable. Standard version on EGS 69,00 TL While the Digital Deluxe Edition version is sold at a price of 79.00 TL. The fact that the prices are affordable does not mean it will always remain like this. Unfortunately, we’ve had bad examples before. Therefore, if you intend to pre-order, I must say that it is useful to be quick.

We deviated from the subject again, here is the new and delicious trailer released!

It is possible to see some of the characters we will encounter in the story in the trailer. Our old uncle, who said, “You can’t come to this forest just to see the creatures here,” seems to be the first of them. At the same time, we talk about a village fed by the energy of a temple, and our main character speaks to different characters while entering the action from time to time. Again in the middle of the trailer, you can see one of the enemies we will meet in the story. I should also mention that the action part in particular looks quite impressive. In the trailer, where you can see clues about boss battles, it is striking that the fights are fast and violent. With our special abilities, we will fight against many different enemies in many areas, and especially the image I added to the bottom, frankly, fascinated me.

Kena: A delicious trailer for Bridge of Spirits has been released

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on August 24, 2021 for PS4, PS5 and PC. You can click here to view the PC system requirements. At the same time, do not forget to use the comments section to express your opinions.

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