70-year-old homeless man living in a house made with a 3D printer

There are 500 3D-printed homes in a 51-acre area reserved for the homeless in Austin, Texas. Tim Shea becomes the first resident of this site at the age of 70.

In this article, our topic is a little different, a little more focused on life and technology rather than games. I want to tell you about Tim Shea. Addicted to heroin and homeless for part of his life, Tim is today earning the reputation of being the lucky person who made a first. Tim Shea has officially changed life, now In a house made with a 3D printer is alive. This makes him the first person to live in such a house. According to what he said, this house is better than many apartments. Let’s approach Tim’s world from the edge.

The man whose life changed thanks to 3D printers

Tim Shea is 70 years old, our uncle living in the USA. His past is a complicated process with heroin addiction and homelessness. However, with a 180-degree turn in last September, his life continues more normally than ever. For himself ICON He lives in a 400 square meter house built by his company with a special 3D printer. He left the streets, even the city, and moved to Austin’s suburbs.

“I could never have guessed from where I came from, that I would live in such a beautiful place and have this beautiful home,” Tim told the press recently, describing his new home as a miracle for him. Tim, in this 51-acre area that houses 500 homes for the homeless (Known as Community First) lived in a trailer before moving to his own home.

The 3D homes of ICON, printed with the Vulcan II printer, feature a bedroom, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and a large porch. We can say that it is a very promising and beneficial job for people who do not have a place to say “my home”. The company’s CEO, Jason Ballard, says their mission is to “make homeowners everywhere accessible to everyone.” He also notes that the future looks brighter than ever, with Tim being the first inhabitant of 3D houses.

First in the world: 70-year-old homeless man living in a house made with a 3D printer

Formerly a homeless 70-year-old man, Tim Shea’s life changed completely when he became the first resident of a 3D-printed home in a community in Austin, Texas, in September. Tim’s 400-square-meter home was built with ICON’s Vulcan II 3D printer, which specializes in advanced building technologies. Building a house with this printer takes a team of four to six people. The printer can be controlled remotely with the help of a tablet. A special concrete formulation was used for the project, and this concrete was applied from the end of a giant robotic arm with the aid of a 3D printer. Many people praised the project and this sensitivity towards those in need. Wherever we look at it, it deserves all the praise. Get a “halal” from me too!

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