6 Honor Band will soon be on sale in Turkey

According to a previous generation, having 148 percent more screen area than 6 Honor Band sold out very soon in Turkey.

Honor Band 6 soon it will be sold in Turkey. Designed to offer a real smart watch experience beyond a wristband, Band 6 stands out as a light and stylish smart assistant besides features such as health, exercise, stress and sleep tracking.

HONOR Band 6, which offers a very clear view with its large and vivid 1.47 inch 194×368 resolution AMOLED screen, provides 148 percent more screen area than the previous generation. With its fingerprint-free curved glass screen, Band 6 has an iconic and stylish look. The smart bracelet, which offers a comfortable use with its silicone rubber straps, comes with different watch appearance options.

Honor Band 6 will be on sale in Turkey

6 Honor Band will soon be on sale in Turkey

The smart bracelet, which will meet with users in Meteor Black, Sandstone Gray and Coral Pink, stands out with its many health tracking features. Thanks to SpO2 monitoring, the smart bracelet can measure the oxygen level of the user in the blood and warn about possible respiratory problems. In addition, it can activate the user in an extraordinary situation by monitoring the heart rate 24/7 with an optical heart rhythm sensor and a sensitive, artificial intelligence algorithm. HONOR Band 6, which can also detect changes in heart rhythm, can determine the stress level of the user during the day and offer relaxing breathing exercises. HONOR Band 6, which can also provide different information such as deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, the time spent awake and the number of naps, can offer suggestions to improve sleep quality with these measurements.

A much better workout experience

HONOR Band 6 serves as an excellent assistant for those who exercise regularly. The wristband, which has 10 different training modes such as outdoor and indoor running, walking, cycling, swimming in the pool, helps to reach the exercise goal with the real-time data it provides.

HONOR Band 6 is waterproof up to 50 meters and can track underwater activities such as stroke count and SWOLF score for swimmers. In this respect, the ideal wristband for swimmers, HONOR Band 6 automatically detects six different exercise modes and enables users to start exercise tracking and work. on record It also allows them to buy.

Battery life and advanced smart life features

The smart bracelet, which has a battery life of up to 10 days even with intensive use on a single charge, can extend this period to 14 days in normal use. Band 6, which comes with a fast charging feature, can provide 3 days of use with a 10-minute fast charge.

HONOR Band 6, which can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, will be a smart assistant that you will not leave with its useful features such as music control, call and message notification, weather forecast and alarm in addition to practical applications such as “Remote Shutter”, “Flashlight”, “Find My Phone”.

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