22 minutes of gameplay video released for Atomic Heart

The missed Soviet theme is back with the Atomic Heart project! A new 22-minute gameplay video came from the promising game.

A 22-minute gameplay video of Atomic Heart, a new adventure first-person shooter developed and published by Russia-based game studio Mundfish, has been released. GameCross22-minute gameplay video shared by Atomic Heart reveals the promising potential of his game. It comes across as an immersive simulation with impressive shooter and fighting mechanics. There is a craft system in which weapons can be combined from metal parts that can be removed / taken from robots. Ammunition numbers are quite low. This indicates that privacy is very important. Game; allows players to improve their weapons and abilities for a long time. There are also some puzzles in the game that players have to solve.

The impressive story of the Atomic Heart game

Any Soviet Union theme that has been or will be used has always been interesting. The Atomic Heart game has also appeared as a game that takes advantage of this blessing. In the adventure first-person shooter genre, our main character is a special agent codenamed P-3. The P-3, which is about an alternative universe and was commissioned by the Soviet government for a secret job in the game set during the Soviet Union, makes an unsuccessful landing in the factory named “3826”. Begins to necessarily investigate what is happening in the factory and its surroundings, and He is trying to overcome the artificial intelligence that confronts him by opening his way to reach salvation.

Atomic Heart

The game, which attracts attention with its graphics as well as its story, recently released a promotional video showing technologies such as Ray Tracing and DLSS.

To keep up to date with the latest developments about the game and to buy it when the game is released Steam You can add it to your wish list via. Picture of the game if you wish Discord You can join the channel and get in close contact with both developers and players.

Mundfish plans to release the game in 2021, but currently no exact release date has been given for it. You can also comment on the Atomic Heart in the new adventure first person shooter genre.

The game, which excites the fans thoroughly, is planned to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S and Xbox One.

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