10 minute video released for Outlaws and Legends

The new gameplay video released for Hood: Outlaws and Legends, based on Robin Hood stories, takes about 10 minutes.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends A gameplay video of about 10 minutes was leaked for the game. The game, inspired by the stories of Robin Hood and named after it, will offer a four-player co-op adventure. In addition to the action structure, we will control a lawless group in the production, which will include different dynamics such as robbery missions and developing your camp.

New gameplay video leaked for Hood: Outlaws and Legends

In Hood: Outlaws and Legends, you will go on missions as four people and try to rob the people who are illegally prosperous in the region. When we look at this new video of the game, we can see the gameplay dynamics more plainly. Both concealment and action parts are included in the video. Also in this video, the dynamics of approaching enemies from behind and bringing them down are also featured in the use of arrows, bows and melee combat. we see that it is given.

The game Hood: Outlaws and Legends, which will take place in the medieval period, will have both PVP and PVE dynamics. Check out this new video below for the game, which will be released on May 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One outside of PC.

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